How Many Rat Burrows Can You Find?

Rats tend to congregate in areas together. Looking at these pictures you can make a quick assessment that there is many rats living in this small area. Rats cause a slew of problems for businesses. They chew and get into trash cans, they spread disease with their urine and droppings and can cause massive public relations problems when a customers spots a rat inside your establishment.

Squirrels Cause Big Problems

Eastern Grey Squirrel - Verdant Pest Control

Hearing noises in that attic? It might be Squirrels. They can weigh up to 1.5lbs and can cause massive damage to structures by chewing. They will gnaw threw walls to make dens and have been known to cause electrical fires from chewing on wires. Schedule a no-charge inspection if you’re hearing noises.

Have you ever seen a pregnant cockroach?

German Roach with egg capsule

Ever wonder what a pregnant German Cockroach looks like? Maybe not, but take a peek anyways. The egg capsule protrudes from the body of the female roach. Even after the roach is dead the egg capsule can hatch letting 30-40 more babies to populate which explodes roach infestations rapidly.

Don’t Let Spiders Spin a Web of Fear: Trust Our Pest Control Experts

Spider Webs

Don’t Let Spiders Spin a Web of Fear: Trust Our Pest Control Experts.   Are Spiders taking over your home? An Essential Home Protection Plan includes service for spiders and will help keep these uninvited guests out of your living spaces.

Calling a professional pest control company for spider control is crucial to maintain a safe and comfortable living environment. While some spiders are harmless, others can pose serious risks, especially if they are venomous or abundant in numbers. Trained pest control experts have the knowledge and expertise to accurately identify spider species, assess the extent of infestation, and implement targeted solutions to eradicate them effectively. DIY approaches often fall short in addressing the root cause of the problem, leading to recurring issues. By enlisting the services of a pest control company, you can benefit from their specialized equipment, tailored treatment plans, and ongoing monitoring to ensure long-term spider prevention. Protect your home and loved ones by placing the task of spider control in the hands of professionals who can deliver reliable and efficient results.

Included in the Essentials Home Protection plan is spiders and knocking down their webs. Believe it or not this actually makes a huge difference with control. It takes a great deal of energy to make and spin webs and by knocking down their homes it encourages them to go elsewhere.

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Sneaky Termites

Termite Activity

Termite activity can be very unassuming. If you are finding mud-like substance like this around your windows, light switches, baseboards and sometimes right in the middle of the wall, be sure to get it checked out. Termites are very cryptic insects and cost billions in damages every year. This little bit of bud tubes winding around the window frame is enough concern that an exterminator should be called in to inspect.

March is Carpenter Ant Month

carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are making their way around our yards and soon will be in our homes. March is the month of the carpenter ant. Get set up today with a Home Protection Plan to keep these little buggas from ruining your picnics. Call today or go on home to book an Essential Home Protection Plan. (860) 454-4004 or (413) 514-BUGS

Spring Special Save $99

Spring 2022 Special

Sign up for a Home Protection Plan today and save $99 on the 1st service. Normally $199, now only $100 to get started with an Essentials Protection Plan. Then only $50/month thereafter. Includes protection against Ants, Bees, Wasps, Mice and more. Includes (4) treatments a year with a back-to-back warranty.