Take cover from Lady Beetles

lady beetle pest control

Have you seen me? Chances are you have been finding many of these over the past couple weeks. Lady Beetle pest control is popular this time of year. Lady Beetles are overwintering pests that like to take refuge in your home during the harsh winter months. Unfortunately there is no fool proof way to stop these little bugs from getting inside and showing up in the fall and then again in the spring. Sealing up cracks, gaps and making sure screens, doors and windows are in good repair is an excellent first step. We have plans that will help reduce their numbers but this is just one pest that is very difficult to control entirely. Call today to learn more.

These rodent athletes are going to the olympics

Mouse climbing

Rodents are excellent athletes. Mice and rats and climb extremely well. Rodents like mice don’t need to gain entry into your home thru the ground level, they can climb up the side and enter through the attic instead. A thorough inspection for possible entry points is key in preventing mice or rats from getting inside. Having a regular maintenance plan is going to ensure you have a professional set of eyes inspecting for these entry points several times a year. Call us to set up your home protection plan and get control of mice and rats today.

The busy life of Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ant

Here a Carpenter Ant is carrying an egg. Carpenter ants work 24/7/365 to build and expand their territory. They are nocturnal so you’ll see most of their foraging at night. Carpenter ants can have a single nest or a colony with multiple “satellite nests”. These satellite nests are also known as feeder nests since they don’t have eggs, but they do have workers, mature larvae and pupae. Depending on the species and age of the colony, their population can range from 3,000 ants to over 100,000 ants! Carpenter ants get their name from their behavior to chew out galleries in wood for building their nest. They do not eat the wood, they only hollow it out for a home. The treatment protocol for carpenter ants can vary greatly depending on the activity that is seen. We have an assortment of products and methods for control carpenter ants. A thorough onsite inspection will determine the direction of treatment required.