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Mice keeping you awake at night?

Mice keeping you awake at night?

Hearing noises when you are trying to sleep? Are mice keeping you awake at night? It’s time to call professional exterminators to eliminate the pitter patter of mice in your attic, and other areas too. Mice are not just noise makers, they cause more harm than their annoying noise pollution. Mice are constantly urinating and defecating where ever they go. This can cause all sorts of health problems including asthma flare ups and flu-like symptoms from being in contact with surfaces they frequented. They transmit diseases and bacteria and can be a problem for sensitive individuals. Mice are literally getting smarter every year. The same old wood snap traps in the middle of floor are not enough to remove an infestation. You need to attack the problem on several fronts. This includes the exterior and checking for entry ways such as penetrations create from pipes, electrical and bad construction. Control involves constant inspection and often treatment. To seal a house up 100% and thinking you can prevent mice once and for all is a bit unrealistic. Sure, there maybe situations and homes that respond better than others but getting on a recurring program is the best peace-of-you mind you can get to ensure control is efficient and continuous. Call or book online today to start your service for mice and other pests too. Our home Protection Plans include several other very common home invaders. Set it, forget it, let us handle it.

Roach Tips

German Cockroach Tips

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