Spotting Voles

vole burrow
Do you know how to identify vole damage?
Vole are different than moles and are often confused when trying to determine what is destroying your lawn. Voles make their damage from above ground by feeding on the grass blades, eventually creating tunnels in the grass. When the grass is longer it can be hard to see but if you follow these pathways long enough you will find the entrance to a vole burrow. Voles are prolific and can seem endless at times when trying to get under control.

Ants find food using pheromones

ants feeding

Ants are social insects, which means they live in communal colonies together.  They work together to maintain and grow the nest. They communicate by using a series of chemicals called pheromones. Once they find something they like such as a piece a food they lay down more and more scents to indicate to the rest of the colony what they found.  Soon reinforcements will gather and harvest their found bounty.

Carpenter Ant Damage To Trees

carpenter ants

Take a look at the damage that carpenter ants can create to trees.  This hollowing will definitely compromise the integrity of this tree.  Having nests like these can lead to all sorts of pest problems for the home.  Carpenter ants have a large range they travel, meaning the nest can be located in a tree outside but they are traveling into your kitchen for a snack everyday.

Dwarf Spiders

Dwarf Spider

No, not the flower…zoom in a bit more to see it. That itty bitty spider is known as a dwarf spider which is a large category of spiders. This genre of spiders is quite large with thousands of different species in the US alone. Some species are smaller than 2mm. This picture was taken in Vernon, CT along a hiking trail.