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Ever see an all-white cockroach before?

The intriguing reason behind why cockroaches turn white during molting. When roaches shed their exoskeleton, they lose pigmentation, which is gradually restored through a fascinating chemical process, influencing their color and possibly even their biological clocks.


When insects molt, they shed their old exoskeleton to make way for a new, larger one. This process is called molting or ecdysis. During molting, insects are temporarily soft and vulnerable until their new exoskeleton hardens.

The reason some insects appear white after molting is due to a combination of factors. First, their new exoskeleton is initially soft and has not yet hardened, so it doesn’t have any pigment. This lack of pigment makes them appear translucent or white. Secondly, the air trapped between the old and new exoskeleton layers can contribute to the white appearance.

As the new exoskeleton hardens and matures, it may develop pigmentation, which can change the insect’s color to its usual shade or pattern. This process can take some time, during which the insect may gradually darken or regain its original coloration.

Overall, the temporary whiteness after molting is due to the absence of pigment in the newly formed exoskeleton and the air trapped between the layers, which creates the translucent appearance.

all white cockroach

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