Nice ootheca.

Oriental Cockroach

These Oriental cockroaches are BIG. Second picture shows a roach with an egg case (ootheca) still attached.  These roaches tend to be found areas of high moisture outside but sometimes, like in this case will come up thru sewer systems.  You can find these in sinks and around floor drains, much like you would American Roaches.

Roaches Found

German Kitchen Roach

Glueboards aka sticky traps like these are best used for monitoring insect infestations.  It’s helps establish a baseline rather provide any real form of control.  To control roaches requires a multifaceted approach.  In where we might use a combination of liquids, aerosols, dusts, baits, physical barriers and even removing the roaches with a vacuum for faster control.

Have you ever seen a pregnant cockroach?

German Roach with egg capsule

Ever wonder what a pregnant German Cockroach looks like? Maybe not, but take a peek anyways. The egg capsule protrudes from the body of the female roach. Even after the roach is dead the egg capsule can hatch letting 30-40 more babies to populate which explodes roach infestations rapidly.

Roach Tips

German Cockroach Tips

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