Tell Tale Signs of Mice

Mice Burrowing

Some tell tale signs that you have rodents in your attic. In these examples you can see burrowing or tunneling from mice in the insulation (marked in blue) and also mice fecal droppings (yellow). Call us today to learn more about rodent control programs and fecal clean up services. We also can remove and replace attic insulation.

Rodents and Stone Foundations

Rodent Burrow

A couple of signs that you may have a rodent problem. This kind of burrow is very common in homes with a stone foundation. This happens to be from rats, but mice burrowing looks very similar. Mice and rats use the stone foundation as the perfect home. They easily can make a home within and remain fairly well protected. Foundations like these let in more than mice or rats. They also allow entry for insects, snakes and moisture. Parging or cementing the walls is going to give you a barrier from these pests.