Home Improvements and pest prevention

Home Improvements and pest prevention

Our renewal license just came in! Another year of helping in more ways than only applying pesticides. With this we can make improvements to homes to prevent pests as well replace the things they break!

Quit greasing up my walls mice!

Rub marks from rodents

These dirty spots are “rub marks” left behind from rodents, in this case it was mice. The oil from the rodent’s fur will rub off on the surfaces they frequently travel and squeeze thru. Over time it leaves this residue that can often be mistaken as dirt, water or some other stain. When you know what to look for then the big picture becomes more clear on how rodents are traveling and getting inside your structure.

Every Service Plants Trees

Planting Trees

With every service that Verdant Pest Control completes another tree is planted in your honor.   Together we are planting trees and making this world more verdant!  This past year has been great and we can’t wait to start planning bigger and more intricate events centered around giving back to nature.   A big and sincere thank you to all.

Carpenter Bee Season

carpenter bee treatment

It’s that time of year when the carpenter bees are a-buzzing.  You’ve probably noticed the big robust bees swooping, bobbing and weaving around your soffits and decks.  These bees, specifically the females will drill (chew) into the wood to hollow out galleries for nest making.  These bees can create a mess with their excavating.  You may see their “spit” all over the side of the house next to the holes they bore.  If carpenter bees are bothering you give us a call today!