Squirrels In CT Are Dangerous

February into March we start to see an uptick in squirrel activity. Specifically invading homes and making nests to start rearing young. In the process they tear up insulation, chew wires, deposit urine and feces and basically make a mess of the space they inhabited. Getting to the problem early makes control easier, more effective at times and can prevent future damage during the eviction process. If you suspect squirrels or any other pest in your home don’t delay and give us a call for a free inspection.

Eastern Milk Snake

Eastern Milk Snake

This Eastern Milk Snake was caught on a glueboard in a Connecticut basement.  These snakes are harmless to humans.  They feed on insects and when large enough, rodents.  This is sometimes confused for the Copperhead snake but subtly differences indicate it is not.  Such as the checkerboard colored belly and the head that seams to blend into the body (not triangular).  This beautiful specimen was removed using olive oil spray.   The oil breaks down the glue and makes freeing the snake possible.  It works very well!

Mysterious Burrows

burrow under shed

Mysterious burrowing. Seeing dirt like this is a great indication you have something burrowing underneath your shed/barn/porch etc. If you are finding activity of burrowing animals and would like to have it checked out then give us a call. We’ll take a look to determine what the suspect is and offer solutions to stop and prevent it from happening again.

Woodchuck Pest Control

woodchuck, ground hog

Woodchucks are one of the few true hibernators in our area.  This lays way to our groundhog ritual every year.  Ground hogs or, woodchucks can actually cause a bit of harm.  They excavate holes in yards making it dangerous for humans and livestock.   What does a horse vet bill cost these days for a sprained ankle?  Woodchucks will eat and ravish gardens.  Like all nuisance wildlife animals they have a purpose and as long as they are not directly causing problems as far damage to property, crops or a threat to human/pet/livestocks then they are fine and we should co-exist.  However, occasionally they don’t always agree to this unwritten rule and intervention is needed.   If you are experiencing a problems with woodchucks, ground hogs or any other nuisance animal then give us a call to see how we can help.  There are several ways to approach these sorts of pest problems and it doesn’t necessarily mean we need to trap and euthanize the offending animal.

Squirrels Cause Big Problems

Eastern Grey Squirrel - Verdant Pest Control

Hearing noises in that attic? It might be Squirrels. They can weigh up to 1.5lbs and can cause massive damage to structures by chewing. They will gnaw threw walls to make dens and have been known to cause electrical fires from chewing on wires. Schedule a no-charge inspection if you’re hearing noises.