Giant House Centipedes

giant house centipede

The giant house centipede, a common sight in basements and other damp areas. These intimidating insects have 15 pairs of legs and can move quickly. Some species grow up to 6″ long. They do have the ability to bite which is similar to a bee sting if handled improperly. Centipedes feed on other insects such as spiders, flies, etc. Since they prefer a moist environment, it’s best to run a dehumidifier in basements to deter many kinds of pests.

Pest proof for mice

pest proof for mice

Gaps like these around this front door are excellent ways for mice and insects to gain entry into the home. Don’t be fooled, mice are fantastic climbers and this is no trouble for them at all. Even the gap in the second pic on the right is plenty of room for a mouse to squeeze their way through. Mice don’t need much room to fit. This is what can make controlling mice difficult since they entry points often are hidden. Exclusion is a service offered in which we will seek out and seal entry points for mice and insects. Give us a call or go to our booking page to schedule your free onsite inspection for mice or any other pests.

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