Under Ground Fence Installed.

underground fence

So many times do we see larger pests like woodchucks and skunks making dens under decks, additions and sheds.  It is not uncommon at all.   They excavate dirt and erode around footings and sidewalks.  This moving of the soil can lead to all sorts of problems with the decline of structures in the area being the worst.  An underground fence will stop and prevent these pests from being able to get into the void under decks, additions and sheds.  The areas where you are least likely to look and most likely to have vulnerable stuff like plumbing, electrical and accessible (inaccessible for us) access into the home.  Schedule a no-charge inspection to learn more how we can help you protect your home from nuisance wildlife.

Mysterious Burrows

burrow under shed

Mysterious burrowing. Seeing dirt like this is a great indication you have something burrowing underneath your shed/barn/porch etc. If you are finding activity of burrowing animals and would like to have it checked out then give us a call. We’ll take a look to determine what the suspect is and offer solutions to stop and prevent it from happening again.

Woodchuck Pest Control

woodchuck, ground hog

Woodchucks are one of the few true hibernators in our area.  This lays way to our groundhog ritual every year.  Ground hogs or, woodchucks can actually cause a bit of harm.  They excavate holes in yards making it dangerous for humans and livestock.   What does a horse vet bill cost these days for a sprained ankle?  Woodchucks will eat and ravish gardens.  Like all nuisance wildlife animals they have a purpose and as long as they are not directly causing problems as far damage to property, crops or a threat to human/pet/livestocks then they are fine and we should co-exist.  However, occasionally they don’t always agree to this unwritten rule and intervention is needed.   If you are experiencing a problems with woodchucks, ground hogs or any other nuisance animal then give us a call to see how we can help.  There are several ways to approach these sorts of pest problems and it doesn’t necessarily mean we need to trap and euthanize the offending animal.