Home Improvements and pest prevention

Home Improvements and pest prevention

Our renewal license just came in! Another year of helping in more ways than only applying pesticides. With this we can make improvements to homes to prevent pests as well replace the things they break!

Squirrels Cause Big Problems

Eastern Grey Squirrel - Verdant Pest Control

Hearing noises in that attic? It might be Squirrels. They can weigh up to 1.5lbs and can cause massive damage to structures by chewing. They will gnaw threw walls to make dens and have been known to cause electrical fires from chewing on wires. Schedule a no-charge inspection if you’re hearing noises.

Fixing gaps to prevent mice…

gap in foundation

Gaps like this one around a dryer vent hose in the basement need to be sealed properly to prevent mice from entering the structure. This gap is so large you can feel a heavy air current coming thru the foundation. This is the first step to preventing your home from getting infested with mice or other pests. Exclusion for mice is a service we offer and works well when paired with a rodent maintenance plan. Call or go online today to schedule a no charge general pest inspection.