Mouse Exclusion

Mouse Exclusion

When it comes to mouse exclusion I have mixed feelings.  Of course if you can locate the entry points and seal them you will effectively stop rodents from traveling through this space.   The trick is to locate all the ways these fury creatures gain entry into your home or business.  It is not always so easy or obvious.  Commercial spaces are constantly being renovated with additions made, walls torn down and put back up and a plethora of on-the-fly adjustments to get a project finished in time for the grand opening.  In residential settings you often find additions like 4-season porches have been added or the garage was extended.  While its lovely to have more space it also creates vulnerable cracks, gaps and spaces that mice will take advantage of.  Once construction is completed it is difficult to pin point where the access points could be.

Bad-news is not always the case when dealing with rodent entry points.  Sometimes you get what I like to call as the “smoking gun” spot.  It’s obvious when you find it.  It’s the “ah ha” moment when the whole thing makes sense.  These are the magical areas i’m constantly on the lookout for.  The irrefutable entry ways that mice are definitely using.   It may not be the only source of travel for them but you know by sealing up this one you will be making a major blow to their entire operation.  The picture here is one of those moments.  Along the wall is a crack…well more of a space that is allow mice to scurry between the floor.  This space is by design, it’s not a problem with construction but left there to allow the floor to move a little with the changing of temperatures.   However, something needs to be done to stop the pathway from mickey’s clubhouse.  These hairballs have caused too much grief and became too comfortable that intervention is needed.  We can’t have pests around food or customers and measures needed to be taken to stop the flow of mice into the restaurant.

Every Service Plants Trees

Planting Trees

With every service that Verdant Pest Control completes another tree is planted in your honor.   Together we are planting trees and making this world more verdant!  This past year has been great and we can’t wait to start planning bigger and more intricate events centered around giving back to nature.   A big and sincere thank you to all.

Woodchuck Pest Control

woodchuck, ground hog

Woodchucks are one of the few true hibernators in our area.  This lays way to our groundhog ritual every year.  Ground hogs or, woodchucks can actually cause a bit of harm.  They excavate holes in yards making it dangerous for humans and livestock.   What does a horse vet bill cost these days for a sprained ankle?  Woodchucks will eat and ravish gardens.  Like all nuisance wildlife animals they have a purpose and as long as they are not directly causing problems as far damage to property, crops or a threat to human/pet/livestocks then they are fine and we should co-exist.  However, occasionally they don’t always agree to this unwritten rule and intervention is needed.   If you are experiencing a problems with woodchucks, ground hogs or any other nuisance animal then give us a call to see how we can help.  There are several ways to approach these sorts of pest problems and it doesn’t necessarily mean we need to trap and euthanize the offending animal.