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HB 5217 Testimony from Lance Trovato

HB 5217 hurts everyone and protects nothing

A couple weeks ago we provided written and oral testimony for HB 5217,  a bill that would restrict the purchase of second generation rodenticides in Connecticut.

This bill would heavily impact the ability for pest control companies to service their customers with rodent infestations.  This will directly impact the well being of human and pet health.  The goal of the bill is to protect wildlife from coming in contact with rodenticides either by directly or indirectly.  The bill triumphantly fails to do so. 

Since giving testimony the bill passed out of the environmental committee with amendments. These changes made bad legislation even worse.  This bill includes carve outs so that homeowners, Agriculture users and everyone else who is unlicensed, untrained and unfamiliar with rodent control to still be able to purchase these baits.  The bill stops us professionals from using the baits however.  

The largest contributor to how rodent baits end up in places they don’t belong is by negligence, disregard and ignorance from applicators outside of the pest industry.  This bills stops professionals and encourages unlicensed homeowners to recklessly use rodenticides.

It is appalling to see such a bill proposed.  If these bill authors actually cared about wildlife they would stop the sale to anyone without professional licensing.  Pest control operators are regulated by the CT Department of Environmental and Energy Protection.  We undergo continuous education and recertification classes every year to apply pesticides safely and effectively. 

Everyone should say no to nonsense, ignorant and rash rodenticide bills that protect no one and nothing.   Your home and business will now be vulnerable to rodent infestations.  Along with rodents comes diseases, viruses and pathogens to make you, your family and customers ill.   Start by restricting the use of rodenticides to only those licensed in CT.  Prevent homeowners and Ag users from incorrectly identifying pest issues and loose handedly applying rodenticides in unlawfully and ineffective ways. 

Click here to write your legislators and say no to a SGAR ban.

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