Home Improvements and pest prevention

Home Improvements and pest prevention

Our renewal license just came in! Another year of helping in more ways than only applying pesticides. With this we can make improvements to homes to prevent pests as well replace the things they break!

Quit greasing up my walls mice!

Rub marks from rodents

These dirty spots are “rub marks” left behind from rodents, in this case it was mice. The oil from the rodent’s fur will rub off on the surfaces they frequently travel and squeeze thru. Over time it leaves this residue that can often be mistaken as dirt, water or some other stain. When you know what to look for then the big picture becomes more clear on how rodents are traveling and getting inside your structure.

Doorsweeps and why they are important

Gap under door

Doorsweeps are an important tool in aiding in keeping mice, rats and insects from getting inside a structure.  The gap under your front door is often large enough for many pests to sneak their way inside.  Installing a doorsweep will help prevent pests from using your front door as, well…a front door.  There is a range of different doorsweeps available on the market today and with a couple simple tools you can install these yourself.  Of course, this is a service we offer and is something we do quiet often.   If you need a doorsweep installed all you have to do is ask and we’ll get your doors secured against unwanted house guests.

Squirrels In CT Are Dangerous

February into March we start to see an uptick in squirrel activity. Specifically invading homes and making nests to start rearing young. In the process they tear up insulation, chew wires, deposit urine and feces and basically make a mess of the space they inhabited. Getting to the problem early makes control easier, more effective at times and can prevent future damage during the eviction process. If you suspect squirrels or any other pest in your home don’t delay and give us a call for a free inspection.

Rodents Chew Wires, Duh.

Wires chewed from rodents

Seems obvious to say that rodents like mice and rats as well as squirrels chew electrical wires.  It’s always worth bringing up especially when you can see damage first hand and how serious of a problem it can become.  Packing leaf litter, fabrics and whatever else they can find to make a nest with inside of a wall makes for a dangerous concoction when they begin to snack on the wires supplying electricity to your home.  Pest control isn’t just about remediating your current problems but also preventing them from ever becoming a problem again.  Pest control not only can protect yourself and others from viruses, bacteria and allergens but also will also protect your hard earned investments like your home.

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Fires From Rodents

House Fires Rodents

It happens frequently enough to mention the potential danger of house fires caused by squirrels, mice and other rodents.  Keeping pests under control is not only good for sanitary reasons but could help prevent total damage to your home.   It is that time of year where we set the clocks back an hour and we should also be checking smoke alarms.

American Roaches are BIG

American Cockroach

These two were found in Boston, MA…a juvenile and adult American Roach. This juvenile, including antennae is only 1″ where as the adult has a body of 1.5 inches. These roaches get BIG. These roaches can be found in sewer systems which then could lend entry in basements of buildings in city environments. These roaches behave much different than the German aka “kitchen” roach. They are not as much as a problem as the German roaches but certainly can give you a fright. These BIG American Roaches are fast and if you are quiet enough you can hear them scurrying about. Happy Halloween!

Mice decorate for Fall too

Mice decorate for Fall

Looks like these mice decided to decorate this bait station for Fall.  This is a rodent bait station we use to control mice and rats.  A rodent bait is placed inside which keeps it protected from weather, kids, pets and other non-target pests.  Mice have decided to make a temporary home inside in which they decorated with fallen leaves.

Eastern Milk Snake

Eastern Milk Snake

This Eastern Milk Snake was caught on a glueboard in a Connecticut basement.  These snakes are harmless to humans.  They feed on insects and when large enough, rodents.  This is sometimes confused for the Copperhead snake but subtly differences indicate it is not.  Such as the checkerboard colored belly and the head that seams to blend into the body (not triangular).  This beautiful specimen was removed using olive oil spray.   The oil breaks down the glue and makes freeing the snake possible.  It works very well!