Mr. Mouse comes to visit

Mouse wearing a bowtie

Sure he looks cute with that little bowtie but don’t let this fancy rodent fool you. Mice are dirty creatures. They are constantly defecating and urinating where ever they go. The surfaces in which they are scurrying across, climbing on and living in are covered in microscopic germs. Among the diseases carried within and on these varmints is Salmonella, Leptospira, Typhoid, RickettsialPox, Hantavirus and more. Keeping mice out of your home or places of work is a must for a clean and safe environment. Every situation is unique but control methods that work well include exclusion, sanitation, poison baits and physical traps. Mouse control is best left to the professionals for proper and quick control of an infestation. Fecal clean up services can also be performed which I highly recommend paying skilled workers to do the job. These aforementioned pathogens become especially dangerous when stirred up during the cleaning process. Call today to learn more about how we can protect you from Mr. Mouse (and friends).