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Organic Pest Control

What is organic pest Control?

All natural and organic pest control

Organic can mean a lot difference things to different people and industries.  For Verdant organic is the implementation of products made with essential oils such as rosemary oil, wintergreen, peppermint oil,  geraniol oil, thyme oil and even products like pyrethrin since these are derived from plants as well.  Other ingredients could be fungi such as abamectin.

Can you treat all pests with organics?

Verdant Pest Control

No.  Some pests still need traditional pest control methods for successful control.  Some pests that we believe are better left to traditional methods would be bed bugs, termites and mice.  

Do organics work as well as other products?

All natural and organic pest control

Yes.  When used correctly control is just as good and some situation better.  Since organic products tend to be odorous they repel better than traditional pesticides.  

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Verdant Pest Control is a pest management company providing services to Western MA.  We service a large variety of pests including ants, bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, spiders, beetles, bed bugs, mice, rats, mosquitoes, termites, powder post beetles and many more.

To be verdant is to be “green” or lush with greenery. Verdant’s specialty is offer GREEN or organic services for controlling pests because of this we are able to offer more options which is a niche that not many companies can offer. The staff here has over 15 years of experience using essential oils and organic baits for pest control. We know what does work and what doesn’t. Green living is a passion of ours and that extends to more than just pest control. Our goal is to use methods good enough to solve an invading problem but not enough to harm the environment. We like to control pests, we don’t want to annihilate the entire species.

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Your home is an investment and it should be protected from pests.

Because we know how terrible pests can ruin a structure, we offer solutions to eliminate and prevent wood destroying pests such as termites, powder post beetles, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and more from decimating your home or business.

Hiring a pest management company can be confusing, especially if you’ve never had a pest issue before. We will help to answer any questions you may have along with explaining the process from a-z. When you hire Verdant for your pest control solutions you will get an in depth report which includes info on what to expect after your services.

Learn more about the pests in your area.

all white cockroach
Pest Info

Ever see an all-white cockroach before?

The intriguing reason behind why cockroaches turn white during molting. When roaches shed their exoskeleton, they lose pigmentation, which is gradually restored through a fascinating chemical process, influencing their color and possibly even their biological clocks.

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Verdant Pest Control plants one tree with every service completed!

100 More Trees Planted!

Verdant Pest Control is not just about eliminating pests… it’s also committed to nurturing the environment. With every service completed, we plant a tree, contributing to reforestation efforts and offsetting carbon emissions. Our eco-friendly approach not only ensures a pest-free environment for our clients but also fosters sustainability for future generations. Choose Verdant Pest Control for effective pest management that goes beyond the conventional, making a positive impact on both your property and the planet.

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Rats in secret tunnel underground

Rats are living in this tunnel underneath the streets of a major city. We had to create a door that would keep rats from coming out of the tunnels and into the establishment. This is why I love pest control…because of the things you get to see that most will never have the opportunity to observe. These service tunnels keep sewers, steam pipes, electrical and I bet a whole lot of secrets. We don’t build them this intricate anymore!

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Roach Repeller…LOL

Sonic devices, which claim to repel pests like roaches through emitting high-frequency sound waves, have faced skepticism and limited success in practical application. While the theory behind these devices suggests that ultrasonic frequencies disturb pests and drive them away, several factors contribute to their inefficacy. Firstly, the effectiveness of such devices is hindered by the ability of pests, particularly roaches, to adapt to changes in their environment. Roaches may quickly become immune to the constant sonic stimuli, rendering the devices ineffective over time. Additionally, the limited range and penetration of the sound waves may not reach all areas where roaches hide, allowing them to remain unaffected. Scientific studies on the efficacy of these devices have yielded inconsistent results, further casting doubt on their reliability. Ultimately, a multifaceted approach involving proper sanitation, sealing entry points, and targeted pest control measures is generally more successful in managing roach infestations than relying solely on sonic devices.

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