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Verdant will plant a tree for every service that is completed.  Every service you have is another tree planted.  You are helping to keep this planet verdant simply by doing what you are do, which is use verdant for your pest control needs.  It’s a win-win! We hope in the future to organize local events, where we can invite members of the communities to donate and plant trees locally.  This will take a bit or organizing so for now we are sticking with #teamtrees.


We are currently using to plant our trees for us.  This makes it super convenient for to donate lots of trees and often.  You can make a donation directly and contribute to our team.  When making a donation search “verdant pest control” for team and bam, that’s it!   

We are feeling good about 2023 and want to plant even more trees than last year so we’re setting our goal at 1,500 trees this year.  Follow us on Facebook to keep up with our progress throughout the year.  Become a verdant customer (if not already) and earn tree badges.  Tree badges are mini rewards for helping us plants trees while we help you with your pest control needs.

Lets reduce carbon emissions too

Verdant donates 1% of every credit card transaction to help in reducing our carbon footprint.  This will aid in achieving net-zero carbon emissions.  Carbon Neutrality is the state of net-zero carbon emissions.  Which is obtained in two ways, reducing our use of carbon producing machinery such as cars that depend on fossil fuels and the second way is to actually remove carbon from the atmosphere.  This process uses equipment powered by geothermal energy to remove carbon and safely store it underground.

Click here to learn more about how every donation helps.

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