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What the heck is "verdant"?

To be verdant is to be "green" or lush with greenery. Verdant's specialty is offer GREEN or organic services for controlling pests because of this we are able to offer more options which is a niche that not many companies can offer. The staff here has over 15 years of experience using essential oils and organic baits for pest control. We know what does work and what doesn't. Green living is a passion of ours and that extends to more than just pest control. Our goal is to use methods good enough to solve an invading problem but not enough to harm the environment. We like to control pests, we don't want to annihilate the entire species.

1st Responders & Military

LEO's, firefighters, EMS and members of the military get $50 off a recurring service plan such as our Essential Home Protection Plan. 


Earn a $50 account credit when you refer a friend that also signs up for regular services. Applies to new customers only. Regular service requires a one-year service agreement.

Servicing Connecticut and Western Massachusetts


For every service that is completed, Verdant will plant a tree in your honor. Our new goal for 2023 is 1,500 trees! It's a triple win and mother nature will thank you! 

Climate Change & Verdant

We donate 1% of our credit card revenue to help combat climate change by reducing carbon footprints.

Hire a pro...

Hiring a pest management company can be confusing, especially if you've never had a pest issue before. We will help to answer any questions you may have along with explaining the process from a-z. When you hire Verdant for your pest control solutions you will get an in depth report which includes info on what to expect after your services. We are available by phone, email, whatsapp and on social media. Not sure what that bug is?...send it to us and we'll ID it for you.

Proud Member

Verdant Pest Control is a member of the Connecticut Pest Control Association.  The CTPCA is an organization that helps pest companies in CT with continued education, legislation in the state, guidance thru best management practices and resources to be successful.


Proud Member

Verdant Pest Control is also a member of the National Pest Management Association.  The NPMA is an organization that helps pest companies across the united states. 



Send us a pic of your mystery pest and we'll try to identify it for you.

Serving MA & CT


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Tolland, CT

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