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Verdant Pest Control emerged as a business entity in late 2021, a period marked by the enduring effects of the pandemic. During this time, numerous businesses were either closed or grappling with reopening challenges. Mask mandates remained in force, and the economy exhibited an unpredictable nature akin to the ever-changing weather patterns of New England. Initially servicing Massachusetts, Verdant swiftly expanded its operations to encompass our home state of Connecticut. Subsequently, in 2023, we extended our services to Rhode Island as well.

Though Verdant may be considered a recent addition to the industry, its proprietor, Lance Trovato, boasts a substantial tenure in pest control. Mr. Trovato embarked on his journey in this field in late 2006, initially with intentions of transitioning into a career in law enforcement. However, something intriguing occurred during his time as an exterminator—he discovered a genuine affinity for the profession. To clarify,

this affinity did not manifest in peculiar ways like consuming insects or adorning oneself with raccoon hats.

Rather, it stemmed from the freedom of being one’s own boss while traversing different locales, encountering diverse individuals, and experiencing an unending learning process. Consequently, in 2007, Mr. Trovato ventured forth as an independent entrepreneur. Following the sale of his initial pest control business in 2018, he briefly explored the corporate sphere of pest management before returning to his roots.

Verdant offers a comprehensive range of pest control services, including general insect control targeting ants, wasps, spiders, and bed bugs. Our repertoire extends to rodent control services, encompassing exclusion measures, fecal clean-up services, and insulation replacement. Furthermore, we specialize in nuisance wildlife control, effectively managing larger creatures such as raccoons, squirrels, bats, woodchucks, skunks, and others. Our vector control services address pests like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, ensuring a well-rounded approach to pest management. Drawing from extensive experience in diverse facets of pest control, Verdant caters to an array of clients, including residential homes, commercial properties, restaurants, bars, schools, daycares, manufacturing facilities, malls, warehouses, municipalities, and more.

Our paramount objective revolves around safeguarding the health of humans and their beloved pets.

It is both a privilege and a source of great satisfaction to protect the places we call home and work from the perils posed by potentially harmful pests. Our commitment extends beyond human and pet welfare—we also prioritize environmental conservation and the well-being of non-target animals. To contribute to global reforestation efforts, we pledge to plant a tree with every service we provide. In the future, we aspire to host an annual Earth Day event, inviting clients and members of the community to join us in planting trees, thereby bestowing our gratitude upon nature. Furthermore, Verdant presently donates 1% of all credit card payments to offset CO2 emissions. This translates to 1% of our credit card revenue being channeled toward carbon removal initiatives. As we approach our goal of carbon neutrality, we remain devoted to our environmental responsibilities.

Verdant Pest Control stands as a local enterprise, distinguished by our commitment to offering amicable and trustworthy services. In addition to the customary pest control solutions, we provide an array of supplementary services, such as exclusions, underground fences, fecal clean-ups, and minor repairs. Contact us via telephone or email to discover how we can ensure the freedom of your property from the clutches of these distressing pests.

What the heck is "verdant"?

Verdant Pest Control derives its name from the concept of being "green" or abundant with lush greenery. Our specialization lies in providing environmentally friendly or organic pest control services, a niche that sets us apart from many other companies. Our team boasts over 15 years of experience in utilizing essential oils and organic baits for pest management. Through this extensive expertise, we have acquired a deep understanding of effective techniques and those that fall short. Our commitment to green living extends beyond pest control; it is a passion that permeates every aspect of our operations. Our overarching objective is to employ methods that effectively address pest infestations without causing harm to the environment. We aim to achieve pest control rather than eradicating entire species, aligning our practices with the principles of responsible ecological stewardship.

Planting Trees in the Garden


For every service that is completed, Verdant will plant a tree in your honor. Our new goal for 2023 is 1,500 trees! It's a triple win and mother nature will thank you! 

Climate Change & Verdant

We donate 1% of our credit card revenue to help combat climate change by reducing carbon footprints.

Proud Member

Verdant Pest Control is a member of the Connecticut Pest Control Association.  The CTPCA is an organization that helps pest companies in CT with continued education, legislation in the state, guidance thru best management practices and resources to be successful.


Proud Member

Verdant Pest Control is also a member of the National Pest Management Association.  The NPMA is an organization that helps pest companies across the united states. 


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