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Fires From Rodents

House Fires Rodents

It happens frequently enough to mention the potential danger of house fires caused by squirrels, mice and other rodents.  Keeping pests under control is not only good for sanitary reasons but could help prevent total damage to your home.   It is that time of year where we set the clocks back an hour and we should also be checking smoke alarms.

Also to be checked, are CO2 alarms since heating systems are kicking on now and especially if you run alternative heating sources like wood stoves, pellet stoves, kerosine heaters or use the fireplace.   Pest control spills over into many parts of our lives and we don’t always realize it.  From keeping our attics free from pests chewing on wires or soiling the insulation with fecal matter to also our basements with all the life support systems we hide down there.  Mice love staying warm, so places like furnaces, water lines and electrical boxes all keep heat.  With the introduction of “pex” plastic also brings a new threat, the concern of rodents gnawing into these where as before with copper that wasn’t a concern.  It may help to consider pest control as a tangible “home insurance” to remediate and prevent pests issues.  Your home is a large investment and you want to protect it. 

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