Termite Baiting System Information

A termite baiting system as been steadily becoming the #1 method for control of termites.  By utilizing a bait formulation vs a liquid it has gain much popularity among homeowners.  Instead of pumping 10, 20, 50, 100 or more gallons of pesticides into the ground we can control termites through the use of baits and their own biology to help us get the job done.  Not one system works all the time and their may situations where another solution is required or a combination of methods will be needed.  A thorough inspection of the site will be the best way of working up a game plan and quote for service. 

Termite Bait Stations

At Verdant, we most often use a termite bait station as part of a baiting program to control subterranean termites.  By using bait stations oppose to liquid termiticides we can avoid putting many gallons of pesticides into the ground.  There are several manufactures that offer termite baiting options.  We prefer to use BASF’s Terlona ATBS for our control programs.  This tried and trued product has been around for years with amazing results.

Not a castle...

Installing termite bait stations is less labor intensive than having to dig a moat around a structure like you do with liquid applications.  Because of this we can lower the installation cost making termite control more affordable. Save the moats for sand castles and beach days.


A termite baiting system is like having an army surrounding your home protecting the structure from damage-causing termites.  Since termites work 24/7 so do these stations.  This system must be checked annually per the label.  Meaning we will need to inspect at least 1x per year to maintain our warranty and be EPA compliant.  The bait inside these stations can last for several years…termites are not picky about a little mud with their diner.

Low profile

Not to worry about taking the heads off with the mower.  These stations stay firmly in the ground.   We do ask that you don’t cover these stations with mulch or anything that will make locating the devices a challenge.  If you plan to or have change the landscape around the immediate structure then be sure to give us a call.  Construction such as adding a deck might require a modification to the termite system.  

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