Control rodents always starts with a great inspection.  You need to be able to determine a few key items before even beginning to think about control methods.  First, we need to identify which rodent is the problem.  There may be more than once species of rodent and each would be handled differently.  Next we need to determine where they are living, traveling, feeding and gaining entry into the structure from.  It helps to be able to estimate the size of the problem when you are looking to get an idea of how long it may take to get the situation under control.  

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Control of rodents is highly dependant on the species of rodent.  Treating for mice requires a much difference approach than it would for rats.  Mice tend to have smaller territories and can be eliminated in a shorter amount of time.  Control of mice can be achieved through the use of regular service intervals of a quarterly program.  The use of rodenticides inside tamper-resistant bait stations is the preferred method.  Verdant will also deploy other devices such as snap traps and glueboards as needed.  When it comes to rats however, this requires a whole new way of looking at the situation.  Rats have large territories and it is very possible they are not living inside your home or business.  They might only be popping by every night for a quick bite to eat.  Rats require time, multiple control methods and a keen eye for travel routes to effective rid and prevent these rodents. Exclusion is critical for long term control of rats.  Preventing their access to the structure will give long term results. 

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The prevention of rodents such as mice and rats is a bit debated in the pest industry.  Some may feel that you must remain on a maintenance plan with regular service intervals to maintain control while others may believe that finding entry points and sealing them up is all that is needed for long lasting control.  Verdant leans more towards the former but also values exclusion as a part of the regular service program.  The two work best when used together.  Think of it this way, your home or business is built around the homes of mice and rats.  To believe a one-time application will rid your home forever of rodents is impractical.  To believe that you may find every entry point the size of a dime is unlikely.   Add complications such as home additions, inaccessible crawlspaces and questionable building practices and you’ll quickly realize it’s extremely difficult to fully exclude a home from rodents.  However, identifying and excluding common points of entry such as around electrical lines, water pipes, oil filler pipes, sill plates, gaps under doors and more will absolutely help in battle against invading pests of all kinds.   A routine pest management plan is an excellent way to have a professional inspect and reevaluate your property regularly.   This allows us to see changes in pest activity, react quickly and before there is a full blown infestation.  There is a pest-war against all structures 24/7/365 and regular inspections will be the most important defense against mice, rats, termites, ants and other invaders. 

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