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Larder Beetles

I'm always a little hesitant to show some pics out of concern for the squeamish...but if you're following this page it can't be that bad. 😅 So, here we have an expired mouse and accompanying this little guy is a couple of Larder Beetles. Larder beetles are Dermestes lardarius and are also commonly referred to as hide-beetles. As the name implies they like to invade hides, skins, cured meats and other stored products. They lay their eggs inside the host after they perish and then a new generation of beetles will begin. (skipping some of the icky details). Long story short, if you are seeing these occasional invaders it could be an indication of another pest problem, in this case a mouse infestation. Pests are frequently secondary issues and can alert you to a bigger issue. For example, small flies may indicate you have a water leak somewhere.

Larder Beetle

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